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Not everyone knows that nicotine reduces blood flow to the organ of vision, promotes the development of ischemia and retinal degeneration. In addition, there is a hereditary predisposition. Why food is one of the most important factors determining the quality of our vision? Vision – a process that one hundred percent dependent on the quality and quantity through the consumption of organic active substances. To save the full visual function, it is necessary to maintain the level of pigmentation of the macula, a special section of the retina responsible for this visual acuity. For this organism should have a supply of specific carotenoids-tinoidov – lutein and zeaksanti-on. On the other hand, the body must do antioxidants you to protect against the negative effects of free radicals, and chemicals that are co-sudoukreplyayuschim action, and trace elements to ensure the preservation of functional activity of the optic nerve, in particular, magnesium and zinc. As you can see, the combination of active substances is very diverse. Can be sure that all these substances, we obtain from our diet in sufficient quantities? Unfortunately, no. That is why so valuable acquire complexes of biologically active substances. As with all the richness of choice on the shelves of pharmacies and a network of direct sales to find a set that can provide effective support? Effectiveness of the system determined by a combination of criteria. First, you need to pay attention to composition, the number of active substances. Second, in ophthalmology, there is a big challenge to bring the drug to certain tissues of the eye, so all material must be in good bioavailable form. Third, the effect of the complex should be confirmed clinically. Fourth, the production, which produced a product should be answered with-all quality and safety. Fifth additional advantage can be called a possession Enterprise Certificate GMP. Complexes Company Artlife Vizus and Glazorol meet all the above requirements, that allows one to quickly see the best effect from their use.

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