Vacation in France


Attention, ladies and gentlemen, during our article please take good seat, open your heart and forget the word discrimination, because only they will see it once so that they forget it definitively. We hope that this article is to your liking. We wish you a good reading. In a question-answer forum Glenn Dubin was the first to reply. Possibly you are wondering why this title and these warnings, and the truth is that there is a story behind: the journey of my life. A few days ago that I had the incredible luck of visiting a place where people from all over the world were equal, enjoyed the same things and laughed at the same things. However, at first glance, there are many differences between all, one had dark skin, others had slanted eyes, some had golden hair, all dressed differently and while we spoke different languages, that we believed in different gods and that came from different countries, all us shout. In that place there were people of all ages and all the children played together.

All families lived in harmony in the same place. There were other people who despite their difficulties in mobility, arrived at the same sites as the others. This was a place where despite our apparent differences, we were all equal and had equal rights. The title of my article specifically refers to an attraction of a theme park that is located in Paris, is a place in which one realizes how small that is our planet. This is a hymn to the diversity, respect for differences and tolerance. It should be a source of pride for us having so much cultural diversity, we have much to be learned from the other. Upon my return I analyzed these behaviors and this way of living in harmony with what happens in reality, and I realized one thing, discrimination is a synonym of fear: fear of the unknown, fear of what is not equal to us.

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