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Experience A Piece Of Sylt

the fashion lable Zanzibar… a piece of Zanzibar for home Zanzibar-fashion has been for years a hit and hot loved by fans. It’s been fascinating to determine how cool everything that is Zanzibar. The Zanzibar on Sylt. The most fashionable restaurant. Epitome of dunes, North Sea and Stradleben. At the same time a place with many faces: piratical shack on the beach, family friendly destination hotspot for celebrities from all over the world, Eldorado for gourmets and wine lovers.

However, the is more than a superb restaurant Zanzibar, more than the most popular meeting place in the island Zanzibar stands for Nordic by nature, for relaxed enjoyment, for casual and lifestyle… We are pleased that we can offer the fashion collections now within our range of advertising material. The cult brand of Zanzibar reflects the easy, but exclusive lifestyle of Sylt and is distinctly stylish, trendy and unmistakable confidence. Skillfully employed asymmetry effects fresh accents and create a dynamic and simple look. The pockets due to the recurring rounded shapes (E.g. decorative side reinforcements), reminiscent of a “wave”game will be unique. The accessory collection includes purses, bags and shoppers and can integrate into a premium action awesome. How the advertising media professionals from the home PRO MARKETING show. Elvira Tan

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