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Faroe Islands

A barbarous relic of the past that has long since lost its importance is no different to the brutal slaughter of whales in the Faroe Islands. Adam Sandler is often quoted as being for or against this. What right the Vikings once and was cheap, messes family planning in some of their descendants today. The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, a group of islands belonging to Denmark with self-government, feasting, like their ancestors, to the meat of whales and dolphins. In addition to the Norwegians, they are the only Europeans who regularly consume meat of marine mammals. You would do well to let this be. Hunt served on the up to eight meters long pilot whales (Globicephala melas) earlier food procurement, it has become today an annual senseless murder ritual with Carnival character.

The animals are driven into narrow bays, where the Hunter iron hooks into the blow hole ramming them to make them disoriented and to pull ashore, then backbone and head arteries are cut with knives. Still alive bleed out slowly. Whale and dolphin meat belong still to the diet of the Islanders, even though they are no longer dependent. The Government now even warns of the consumption of the pollution of the seas with environmental toxins, highly contaminated whale and dolphin meat, but the hunt continues… The population size of Atlantic pilot whales is unknown. They are strictly protected by international agreements such as the Berne Convention for the conservation of European Wildlife and natural habitats, as well as the Bonn Convention on the conservation of migratory species. Both agreements were signed by Denmark and ratified.

Denmark defies the responsibility by it indicates the autonomous status of the Faroe Islands under the Danish Crown. But Denmark Faroe Islands justice system is responsible, represents the Faroe Islands at international level and annually provides millions of Crowns as subsidies. By killing hundreds of animals at once,. delete the Faroese entire families and social groups. Apart from the cruelty of this method thus destroy them building blocks of the gene pool and destroy the genetic diversity of this species. The GRD protested at the Danish Embassy in Germany as well as the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands and the Faroe Islands Tourist Office and calls for a ban on these martial whale hunting. The GRD appeals to consumers to buy any products of the Faroe Islands and to avoid the Islands as a tourist destination. Support our protest! Ulrich Karlowski

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