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Federal Constitution

Beyond the Federal Constitution, they are the three main statutes that conduct the Brazilian legislative process: ‘ ‘ Common regiment of the Nacional’ Congress; ‘ , ‘ ‘ Internal regulation of the Federal’ Senate; ‘ Internal regulation of the Chamber of the Deputados’ ‘ , two last, excessively permissive and corporativistas ones, to such point, that one becomes almost impossible to punish a corrupt parliamentarian. The application of the norms alone is observed in what it favors; it are of this, in cases only special, when and if invoked, what it is rare. Exactly in the cases to discipline punitive, breach for an escape valve always leaves. From there to take the country to changed itself into an institutionalized cleptocracia it is a pull. By the way, in the opinion of this modest observer politician, already we live under a cleptocracia (situation in fact), disfarada of democracy (right situation).

The extreme number of scandals politicians occurred in the Federal Senate, especially in 2008 and 2009, had placed the House in a bothering evidence, leaving clearly that something would have to be made the least to make it to seem that was being overcome steps moralizadoras. Only in 2009, in accordance with ‘ ‘ Monitor of the Scandals Politicians of the Congresso’ ‘ , in the site Uol Notice/Politics, had been 108 occurrences (9 for month, the highest average), and in January of 2010, 5, being Jose Sarney, the current President of the Senate, in the center of the majority of that they had come the public in 2009. Thus, in the height of the crisis of ‘ ‘ acts secretos’ ‘ , in which it was the biggest protagonist, he came the promise of that would be made an administrative reform, before the ending of its mandate.

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