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Felix Baumgartner – A Faux Pas For Eternity

Why of the author of the idea of the Stratos not invited “He stole my project”, the Viennese alleged balloonist Ivan Trifonov (67) in an interview with the Austrian press agency “apa” and thus raises serious accusations against record jumper Felix Baumgartner and his designers “Red Bull”. (TNN) Media reports result Baumgartner has already admitted in an earlier interview that the idea to the stratospheric Jump came not from himself, but among other things by a certain “Ivan Trifonov”, who complains publicly now, not to be taken into account in the implementation of the project. Document: 2010/02/interview-with-felix baumgartner-pilot-of-red-bull-stratos-project / therefore it’s true baby not even had the idea for the Stratos jump, but this only was carried to him, what is taken, yet no scandal. Far more serious acts as his handling of Trifonov itself – had applied self-reported result – at Baumgartner, to be part of his team. To Salzburg, he was extra it traveled, says “with 4 file folders” in the luggage, Trifonov. “Felix was fire and flame for the project and has copied all calculations and contact addresses,” explains Trifonov, love had passed the documents to Baumgartner, under the condition that baby get him as a consultant with his team. He had not requested a written confirmation.

Relied on the word of honor of a sports man Trifonov “You hear soon from me,” Baumgartner said at the end of the conversation to him, but feedback was then no longer carried out, says the Bulgarian living in Vienna. Only from the media Trifonov learned then that baby going to implement the stratospheric leap with its own team in the United States – and therefore without him -. site/news/Topnews_4/Wiener_fuehlt_sich_als_Erfinder_von_Stratos project;.CMS1 remains the question what promised just baby the Bulgarians for the takeover of his idea and whether he told him to had part of his team to be and if so, why he took the Bulgarians at the end – and contrary to its promise – but not in the team. Baumgartner explains that for Trifonov in Roswell, is “no place” and he also don’t need him on the spot. Scared baby, that the media reports too about the copyright of the project? Baby wanted to not share the fame? In response to the publication in the Austrian media, a commentator writes: “If it is true that the two about the condition agreed that baby would accept him into his team and Trifonov was then passed over despite contact attempt, then that is a radically different character image of Felix Baumgartner, this was depicted (positive) lately in the media as”.

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