Vacation in France

FINA Trophy

New commercial tournament FINA Trophy, for the first time in the history of synchronized swimming, held in Moscow last weekend. The fact that there was no competition in a solo program, were not suitable for athletes dates, instead of nine Arbitrators in arranging group, there were only three, all of this has prompted mixed reactions among experts, however, in general, it is the opinion of most of them, the tournament was a success. With two-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Anastasia Ermakova interviewed by journalists from the "New News". – Anastasia, do you think the first pancake is always lumpy turned out? – Yes, although this idea is very interesting and everything went well. I'd like that would be in our sport commercial launches have become a tradition. I heard that the next will go to Brazil.

Of course, do not guess with the dates. It was necessary to give us time to relax, do come eight best teams, but we are not going to lose. I explain why we Asya Davydova were minor errors. All this is undoubtedly due to the small fatigue. It was evident that the other held his last strength, not a little confused by what the judges.

In such a subjective sport, three judges, agree to practice a little strange. Could at least five people to put that to at least four of them adopted the same solution. Three can not go in one direction, and therefore before the start we were a bit afraid.

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