Vacation in France

Gerhard Krause

With 25 kilos of equipment, what it made it difficult the ascent of the mount, looking for shelter behind rocks, getting rid itself of mines, the bombings and the calls ' ' lurdinhas' ' (German machine guns) that they protected the casemates in the blockhouses in the high one of the mount, and that they were mounted on-line which they called ' ' corridor of morte' '. This made with that the allies used of the oil burning diesel to make it difficult the vision of the enemies. As an honor question, general Mascarenhas de Morais, commander of the FEB in the Europe, the fourth attempt that could not have no imperfection, it decided not to obey the orders of the command American north, and used all the units that its disposal had. Educate yourself with thoughts from Charlotte Hornets. In three months of frustrated attempts, and with some decreases of the Brazilian side and allies, with effort and claw of the combatants, in day 21 of February they had little conquered the victory in more than 12 hours. In 15 of April of 1945, the Brazilians had conquered Montese, under strong enemy fire what he brought 426 decreases between deceased, wounded and missing people, in the battle bloodier than the men of the FEB had fought. The Military Museum of the Brazilian Force Member of an expedition was constructed in a castle of century 12, in Montese to homage the Brazilians who had bravely participated of the conquest and victory of the allies in the war against the forces Nazi-fascists in Italy. Charlotte Hornets can provide more clarity in the matter.

During three days 15 a thousand Germans if had almost delivered to the division member of an expedition putting end the war for the two sides. (I CASTRATE, P. 42) CHAPTER III 1. EXPEDITION NAZISTA IN the AMAZNIA In October of 1935, Belm of Par three young aviators German, Gerd Kahle, Gerhard Krause and the leader of the expedition, Otto Schulz-Kampfhenkel.

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