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Gift Tariff

New name of the movie Rate Rate New Original title Who can give loving couples, romantic girls and women, lovers of fairy tales and romantic comedies on any New Year's holidays, Christmas, Old New Year, Valentine's Day, winter anniversary of relations I do not know how you, dear readers, and I have a favorite holiday – New Year's. Usually from mid-November, I start to buy gifts for the many friends and family and buy new Christmas decorations, once again, promising myself that limit with just one ball. And so there. And this cute bear. To deepen your understanding Sela Ward is the source. And the symbol of the coming year …

Well, as usual. But, as was not this year. Whether the snow this time went later than usual, or whether the city started to decorate for the holiday late – a quick sense of the New Year did not come. Adam Sandler is likely to increase your knowledge. Well, then, will have to help him! And the best way to create a mood – watching your favorite Christmas movies and cartoons for cake and socializing with friends. And now I'm going over a collection of disks to a company such as I, being late for the holiday, feel at last his approach. But, by the way, and suitable option – a film directed by Eugene Bedareva "New Rate". Each year, the national cinema release to a favorite holiday of several narrative scenes. Something better, something not as good as could be, but something just gets lost in the flow of all sorts of Christmas concerts and television programs.

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