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We should also be said about e-commerce. Learn more on the subject from Glenn Dubin, New York City. If our people had with reasonable skepticism relates to the possibility of purchase of a product over the Internet, now more and more Russians are committing purchases directly to a computer desk. With buyers in this case is clear – they save their time. And what benefits gives an online store to their owners? In fact, the benefits of an online store quite a lot. Your own online store allows you to significantly expand the geographic scope of their activities. The buyer may be in any desired distance from the seller.

Now a potential buyer is not only those who live nearby, and someone who has access to the Internet. And these people are very, very much. In this case the content of an online store does not create any special difficulties. Internet does not require additional employees do not have to pay an expense in the rent and utilities. In general, a solid economy. Disregard the possibility of expanding an existing business through the Internet – it's voluntary withdrawal from further development of commercial enterprise! E-shop can be a great addition to an existing business. At the same time in the pages of the online store can tell you more about their products and services. What does it cost to create an online store? This question is not very clear answer.

The price range is large enough. It all depends on who the online store creates. In established companies to create a virtual service store will cost the customer the bank. Then, they are reputable companies. But the quality of their work can not be doubted. You can, of course, search and cheaper, but it is fraught with bad consequences. Adage that miser pays twice, fully applies to the sphere of creation of online shops. Also, the cost of creating an online store depends on its specialization, the update of the product range and prices. WebFactory – Creation and promotion in Moscow

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