Vacation in France

Global Heating

Global heating must intensify hurricanes and storms. Efeitosdas climatic changes caused by the global heating are diverse etm potential to cause serious impacts in the terrestrial life. In accordance with a specialist of the National Center of InvestigaoAtmosfrica of U.S.A., the global heating will increase the intensity dosfuraces and the preciptao of rains in the next years. The meteorologista Kevin Trenberth published an article in the revita ' Science' affirming that ' the trends of the ambient changes caused pelaatividade human being are now evidentes in regies' that they receive impactodos hurricanes. It is in this height of the year (September/October) that the more frequent storms tropicaisso.

Storm starts in the surface of the Sun, with a solar wind. It is ventorpido, strong, loaded of prtons and electrons that are launched noespao. Each time plus us in we give account to them of that the Industrial Revolution mudoupara always the relation between the man and the nature. It has preocupaocrescente of and culpa of the man.>

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