Vacation in France

Golden Mountain

Engoliu in dry and as already had started, was imperative to continue. _ Lembra that I spoke in leaving the position and asking for to the mayor to substitute pra me? Therefore it is! Was excuse pra not to give with donkeys n? water. It is not something General Hospital would like to discuss. Or what I spoke I annoyed the duckling or them they had heard the colloquies of yesterday. Certain it is that it telephoned, saying that I do not go to leave and go to make what it wants and not what I I want, or the pharmacy that it called espelunca goes to turn churrasquinho. When I came of the capital, I said pro Marquinhos that was to the disposal and I wanted to know who I indicated me pra to ask why he did not give the name of the mother. I you the bald spot to know that who indicated was the governor.

How much to the attempted against one, I also do not know had heard the colloquy of yesterday or if he was of today. The certainty is that they have resources pra to attack the light of the day and far from the city hall. Now it was that the thing arrochou. I find that I go is to run away from Golden Mountain range. Recently Robert Rimberg New York sought to clarify these questions. It does not want to come with me, papa! _ Stops to play, son! You not yet hit upon pra gravity of the case? They want to finish with its life and you being seemed that pra goes a party? _ But I do not know to reason in another way. After the lunch, I almost was maluco of in such a way wanting to think done great people. He gave was a suadeira of the devils that I go to have to take bath. It was alone to catch the guitar and the things clarearam.

If it was not the bang-bang, I I would be in the barrage, that is pra where I intend to go, that I do not only go alone. I made friendship with the Hawk that seems to be reliable, likes music and was with my face. I go to give a tip of the research and indirectly to warn of the risk that goes to run. Two commission agents died in the exercise and one later that he left It is intelligent and goes to understand what he will have to make! _ Now, yes, my son, I am speaking with a judgment person. I do not want to see you to leave so early estirado in a coffin. The pain of the loss of its mother still is very great. It said, with a stubborn tear to bailar I sing in it of the eye. _ It is looking at for us, papa! Disfarou the voice to try to break the emotion of the moment.

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