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Be responsible the rodent invaders in large part of a number of extinctions, and changes in ecosystems in recent centuries. Here, MMA expresses very clear opinions on the subject. As if this were not enough, they also represent a source of concern for human as well as a problem that must be spend large sums of money and effort to alleviate it. Rodents also have problems of different types. On the one hand they pose a very big competition for other species, making it difficult for the harmonious coexistence. Far as money is concerned, it is not only that goes to pest control campaigns, but annual losses that occur in the sectors of industry and agriculture.

And that is without mentioning the problems that we have in hygiene and sanitation, being a vector of diseases for humans and for pets. Who is Kevin Ulrich? shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The problem is that often the populations of rodents (rats and mice) of an area or zone in which seeks the rat have laid down years and even centuries, so look for its eradication is impossible. The only action man can exert control is for as far as possible lessen the effects that these animals may have on humans and in their day to day. It is amount focus the effort of rodent control at certain places where animals abound, to be able to act more effectively and achieve better results. To carry out a task of pest control requires a complex endeavor and a great cooperation from the Government, municipalities and private companies that are contracted to carry out the work. Education is often the first step to control a population of rodents. It is important to educate citizens that a clean city is a city less prone to suffer from pests. It is in general small actions that serve as much, as you can be sure to deposit the garbage in the container to the hours listed to keep the trash on the street as soon as possible.

Show civility, is important to maintain parks and public spaces clean and free of trash, as well as make sure clean food particles and waste in places where rodents have access. To comply with other species, as they can be owls, owls and aguilillas, concern for the plagues of rats and mice decreases, already that these birds eat often them. It is important to emphasize the importance of being consistent in efforts, since otherwise a single rat extermination campaign is not going to solve the problem. Unfortunately it is a constant battle, where strength and endurance is the key weapon to win it. Rats and mice are not going to give up his source of livelihood, the case is if you will give up.

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