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Gypsy Cards

The card reading system for the purpose of spiritual intelligence is also called Kartomantie. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Culp. Its origins lie in China in the 7th Century, when the first cards were produced. Quickly took advantage of these cards is also prophecy. In Europe we know the art of card reading since 15 Century, when Gypsies and other mobile people offered their services. The Tarot was formerly practiced in fairgrounds attraction to the general public and enjoyed the reputation of a less serious run method of the present analysis and interpretation of the future than is the case today. The Kartenlegekunst is a discipline of divination. Sofar contains valuable tech resources.

There be many different card decks, the answers to the questions one can consulter. Among the most popular decks are Lenormand, Gypsy, Tipper and tarot cards. The experienced tellers can also easily skat cards to elicit helpful advice. Only by soothsayers-likes of the Lenormand Marianne Kartenlegerei learned in the 18 Century, a wider distribution. Meanwhile the Kartomantie a respected engineering, to determine potential to locate sources of problems and to discover new solutions. Serious tellers manages to activate the power of the cards, to connect with the subconscious and to enable the people seeking advice to find his own way. The versatility of the applications of the card reading is the variety of their Legeweisen in nothing. The correct coordinates the tellers Legeweise to the specific questions of the seeker, turns over the cards and analyzes the relations of the images among themselves and raised the problem area. The crucial factor is the association of the questioner: The face-sheet is no irrefutable dictum, it is rather a key to hidden answers in this seekers themselves dominated the card reading, it can therefore also place the cards themselves.

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