Vacation in France

Habsburg New

The blow is terrible for both sides. Although official statistics are not taken from the low, it is estimated that in both armies losses exceeded 13,000 men between dead and wounded. Author contains valuable tech resources. Sweden, when he learned of the death of their beloved King, was petrified. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Howard Schultz by clicking through. However, the blow that Gustavo inflicted on Felipe II was heartbreaking. Sweden had devastated their lands, loaded with the immense treasures of the Catholic temples, destroyed the invincible prestige of Wallenstein, and vindicated the military and religious power of the Protestants. The defeat began a new period in the war: that of the French intervention; the fourth and last stage of the war before the peace of Westphalia. Cardinal Richelieu, whose economic patronage had generated in the long run the Habsburg hecatomb, could not feel better.

The war could have ended if had so desired it, but the victors lost time in internal strife and power struggles by the Swedish throne and conquered new lands, hesitations that give time to Germany to again raise its testa. So long, multinational contest would be forced, a. a new stage, perhaps much more bloody than the previous ones, where political power and multiple alliances between States would be common practice. Prague, the prelude to Westphalia removed hastily from the field of battle, Wallenstein, that talented Czech military, had to return to Germany with empty hands and an excruciating defeat in tow. The ingratitude of Fernando II, which rebelled soon as he learned of the defeat, forgot their past successes and just returned, commanded it monitor, sure that the old warrior conspired against him. Dangerously helpless, the Habsburg foresaw the imperative of forming alliances that provide him a new army. His hope therefore fell to his son Felipe (future Felipe III Augsburg House) who had been crowned as King of Hungary, Bohemia and King of the Romans.

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