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Hair Thousand

All my books and articles deal with Africano and Dispora history and culture. It interests what me is to take unknown histories ahead, and has an abundance of these in these domnios. my objective is to find embedded information, to bring people for the forgotten life, to reconstruct identity you analyze in them of social Sciences has allowed to more good think the subjective side of the partner-cultural processes, a time that the notion of identity identity implicitly points with respect to a question politics, i. for the question of the social legitimation (cf. also Manuel Sheep of the WEDGE, 1986:97 – 108, cited for Andreas HOFBAUER, 2003) and to argue such concept we will leave of what in them it places the headings of the workmanships: the ribbon braids and bows send the hair, and the hair is taken here as a representative of the identity, of the black race. the hair afro, crespo, ‘ ‘ enroladinho, serves as document … the hair in the Brazilian society is a language and, while such, communicates and informs on the racial relations …

also can be thought as a sign, therefore it represents something more, something distinct of itself exactly. (Nilma Lino Gomes, 2003: 137); The hair also can be used as material of you analyze to initiate dialogues on some forms and structures of hair. following the steps of Josemir Camilo (2009) in its article bad Hair? history of the hair afro, follows its words: … The hair afro is the hair oldest of the species human being, has 150 a thousand years at least. Therefore, for the bias of History and the Anthropology this would be the good hair , the hair that has something to say in the genetics. This hair is fruit of when the Homo sapiens sapiens, winning the nature, if firmed as species in the terrestrial paradise, subequatorial Africa, between 200 a thousand and 150 a thousand years.

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