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Holiday House Hen Beach – Peace Pole At The Danish North Sea

Cottage Beach – peace find hen and energy find switching off from the stressful everyday life and rest, to get his head free. Who seek these objectives, is perfect in a cottage at hen beach. The beautiful natural landscape, with its many facets, offers the perfect setting for relaxing outdoor activities and make it easy to forget the everyday life. Nature, recreation and holiday home. Hen one beach oasis of well-being in a cottage at hen Beach holiday spend, which does this primarily for reasons of recreation and relaxation, to be in line with an enchanting natural landscape. Anyone looking for here great hustle and bustle and an extensive entertainment programme, is definitely at the wrong holiday resort. Hen beach is rather, to find themselves, or to spend quality time with the family or a partner. Hustle and bustle there is enough in everyday life.

And often the interpersonal relationships among it a little. A cottage stay at hen can help Beach, however, to maintain these contacts and to strengthen. Finally even aware the essential things in life focus on, without having to constantly other things in mind, here it comes. Cottage in the dunes and a beautiful sandy beach hen beach is one of the most sought after destinations in the Danish North Sea. The place has this popularity specially to thank schuetzenverein sand beach.

This magnificent Beach area along the North Sea coast stretches over many kilometers across. Soft, white sand, as far as the eye can see. Fantastic conditions for an extensive Coast stay. At this very child-friendly beach, you can get tanned in the Sun, build huge sandcastles with the kids, or romp with the dog by the roaring waves of the North Sea. The beautiful beach area joins a not less appealing dune landscape with partially very high elevations. Here, you can find cosy places to watch beautiful sunsets together with the partner.

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