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How To Handle A Series Of Losses

Everyone hates to lose and unfortunately no one has been blessed with foresight, therefore losses are an unavoidable part of trading. When we enter a trade that will be right or wrong, and even if we split up, even we'd still be classed as being wrong – as nobody enters into a trade just to break even! When unsuccessful traders find a string of losses they begin to engage in self-destructive patterns that help them escape the pain they are experiencing. This article brings to light these self-destructive actions that can help you realize what you're doing before it takes hold of your physical health. If you are already involved in these patterns hopefully this article can help you get back on track as quickly as possible. Destructive patterns If you are trapped in a series of losses or a bad week on / month be sure to control their behavior. It is during this time you will be at your most vulnerable.

Overuse You begin to enjoy the activities that at first seem harmless, but on (or time), begins to cause physical damage to their health. Ask yourself the following question: during periods of withdrawal, I find myself falling more in these activities: Food (especially junk food – eg. Chocolate, ice cream, chips)? Sex (includes viewing pornography)? Alcohol? Drugs (includes excessive consumption of snuff)? Pereza (difficulty waking in the morning)? Entertainment? All the above was taken in excessive doses can be detrimental to their own physical health (some even in small doses!).

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