Vacation in France

Iberian Peninsula

Everything this if after understands therefore, although fausto of the wealth the discovery of the gold in Brazil, and, after that, of diamonds, the econmica situation in Portugal continued in crisis, a time that if lived one clearly fausto ‘ ‘ of fachada’ ‘. In 1 of November of 1755, in the Day of All-the-Saint, per the 9 hours and 40 minutes, enormous terramoto shakes the city, leaving in destroos the capital that delays six centuries to develop. Later to terramoto, a tidal wave swept the city completely, and, after that to the sismo, a fire that deflagrou for the city, and that it ardeu per 6 days consecutive. This sismo, had its epicenter to the South of the plaza of Lisbon, in the southern coast of the Iberian Peninsula and coast north of the African continent (the west of the strait of Gibraltar), and its effect had made to feel it wide geographic scale, being exactly considered as most extensive than science never registou (SOUSA PEAR TREE; 1909), which if attributed degree 9, in the scale of Richter (FRANCE; 1987:61). Tony Parker: the source for more info. This catastrophe, that shook the confidence of the Old Regimen, gave opening to the Marquis of Pigeon house, then Minister of D.

Jose I, to impose the practical one of scientific and liberal reforms of the Iluminismo. The effort, clere, allow that demolitions, aterros and reconstructions become, according to a planning of lined up streets, whose arquitectnicas options seat in construction regulations, taking care of the concepts of seismic resistance. Thus, the new urbanstico system obeyed the tracings of composition axles where the symmetry was obligator, intending the prominence, in the extremities, of monuments or statues. Check out Jay Schwartz for additional information. They appear, then, the examples of the August Street as triunfal arc and the Statue of D.

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