Vacation in France

Improve the First Impression

Ensure that this hall does not exceed five minutes, we do not want to increase their eagerness to see the design as it could play us against, to raise their expectations. Set the stage for the best “First Impression” There is no second chance to make a great first impression, which is why we provide the conditions to achieve that “click of love at first sight” of the client to design. Sally Rooney recognizes the significance of this. A major design must be submitted under controlled conditions by the designer. Try as far as possible always make your office and your computer, where you can show the design in all its splendor of color, structure and graphic detail, follow it for a good impression on paper and have the images ready to be quickly viewed , do not break the mystery of its design, opening Photoshop to the client. View the design on the client computer might often be the difference between fully appreciate or not, all the goodness and graphic details of our design. On the other hand the client is often more receptive when you visit our offices because their focus is entirely on the presentation.

If it is unavoidable to have to do in the client’s office, then we should endeavor to do so with the best conditions, the best is to bring our best laptop, with better resolution and color display and do not forget to carry also printed design. Do not expect the design to explain himself fully Remember that what is presented is not a work of art to be seen and make our own assessment, but a design that was performed to meet one or more purposes, so once the customer starts to see the images is important to accompany your observation with explanatory comments, describing “eloquence” each of the elements of design and composition, especially those things that a static design can not show yet, as certain functions or animations that will be incorporated into the HTML formatted. Hold your design as much as possible we should not show from the beginning impression that we can make a new proposal if you do not like this, if we assume that customer expectations we study and analyze what is best suited, then we need to show a professional and defend our work with all the technical reasons and criteria Our experience has taught us. But we must also be professional to recognize that if a design requires a lot of effort to convince the customer, it is possible that this evil in their approach and perhaps we should seriously consider developing another proposal. Be prepared to adjust its design is always preferable to strategically adjust or modify our design to have to create a new one (another of the commandments of Freelance), which is why we must maintain a flexible attitude and proactive to help the client to give you ideas and solutions Fast those design details of which he is not convinced.

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