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Inna Nirenburg

The real learning begins when you get used to listen to that small, still voice and follow their guidelines. By being yourself and being true to its single internal impulses which are then able to live their full potential, in full alignment with your true self. That's where the meaning is. And that is the goal of Inklings – to share with you tips and tools to better connect with your inner wisdom. Wisdom through the ages, I present is perhaps only a somewhat simplified view of human evolution over the past decades. Many of the thinkers who have reflected on these issues for years. I would like to share with you some of his thoughts.

Socrates, Plato To do this: To be is to do Shakespeare: Being or not? Sinatra: Doo-doo-be doo be So what is the bottom, how can we distill the essence of this great wisdom? Learning to listen to who you really are and, most importantly, do not forget to laugh – and laugh at himself! Planting seeds: Now it's your turn. Take a minute and think about these questions. You may want to write your answers. Really. Remove the pen. Open a new file. His inside knowledge often go through the writing. 1.

What you've been pursuing "more" of recent years? How has it changed over time? Be specific. 2. Play a round (or two or ten) of the "game itself." What has been blamed for years for their sense of dissatisfaction? Think again, and be specific. At the end of each round, do not forget to laugh a little yourself. 3. What new ideas in your current situation so you get the answers to these questions? 4. Try it: put aside five (five!) Minutes each day simply to be. No distractions, no thoughts, no worries, no task lists pendientes.Despues a week or two, see what you got from this experience. Inna Nirenburg car is a powerful life and workshop leader. She uses her deep wisdom and intuition, and an appeal process cement to help you answer the question "What's Next?" in all areas of your life. See for more information.

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