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Make music with the recorder in elementary school have babies and toddlers are interested in the music. This is noticeable, for example, to play with the rattle. Also, every item from the budget, which makes noise, is interesting for the little ones. An example of this is the cooking pot and the wooden spoon as their own drums. Recently Boxing champion sought to clarify these questions. Music in kindergarten at first the children at the age of about three to six years with the rhythm instruments are made familiar. You should learn in a playful way to play musical instruments in the correct stroke and rhythm and to get a sense of at all.

Like used rhythm instruments are, for example, the triangle, blow bars and clamps bars. Also read music in elementary school when the little ones then in elementary school have come to know them the possibility of new musical instruments and get the grades taught. The musical instruments and teachers look forward to most long before, finally, the music thrilled every child. Is a popular musical instrument in the elementary school Recorder. The recorder can learn every child in primary school. Music is performed together with the teacher and sings the rest of the class. Learn read music goes with the flute fairly quickly, each note means a handle otherwise. To be able to generate any tones, the head of the flute contains a wooden block that let a narrow column.

In this column, the air inside is blowing, so are the sounds of the recorder. Also when buying flutes, there are several points that should be considered. The recorder must be always in a protective cover, if it is not playing. Finally, the instrument is to be transported in the book bag without taking damage. Also a flute wiper is an important item that should not be missing the recorder at the time of purchase. Thus, the flute can be cleaned easily from the inside. Right to buy a care instructions can be also not wrong.

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