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International University Cup Kitesurfing 2011

Martial arts – from 23 to 29 May is searched at the international kitesurf University Cup the best student / student in kitesurfing. From May 23 to 29 uni Cup the best student / student in kitesurfing is wanted at the international kitesurf. Participants of all European universities, academies, FH BBs and universities can on the German coast in Loissin the disciplines of freestyle and race with her fellow students compete in. Which University has the best kite surfers in their ranks? This question should be answered this year for the third time. SimSalBim travel held in 2011, after the events in 2009 and 2010 took place in Tarifa, the first University Cup on German soil or water. Kitelife in together with the local kitesurfing school Boardway experienced Kiters, Hobbykiter and beginners in Loissin should be brought together to celebrate the sport and to select the best Kiters to inspire newcomers.

To present a suitable programme for each participant, the event is classified as follows: KIT MORE KITESURF CAMP (May 29.05.2011): the camp is so organized that every rider, no matter whether beginner or professional, comes at its own expense. (As opposed to star actress). The spacious spot with large shallow area offers excellent opportunities to educate beginners and at the same time, advanced and experts ample room, to train and to play completely. During the entire time the boundaries are mixed with an extensive entertainment programme and at the celebrations beginners and pros can get to know better. Beginners course through licensed kitesurf instructor: 5 days the participants be introduced comprehensively in the world of kitesurfing. Boardway experienced team accompanies each of the first contacts with the screen to the right kite surfing.

The equipment is provided advanced have the lending ability of kitesurf equipment experienced Kiters can familiarize yourself with the mockery and are preparing for the competition an event ticket for free admission to all evening events and parties is including also included: final participation in the University Cup (if desired) price: ab 189 includes: Overnight at the campsite or in the cottage, beach parties and barbeques amenities: courses, training sessions, Kitesafaris, etc. Uni Cup (27.5 29.05.2011): the University Cup KIT SURF the high point of the KIT MORE represents CAMPS – the participants of the camp and the starters, who have traveled only for the competition, fight for the title of the University Champs. In the respective disciplines sessions run against each other, which guarantees lots of fun and excitement for the participants as well as spectators. Two-day high school betting fight sports event disciplines: freestyle (women and man rating) race (women and man rating) if the time and the wind it admits it will also a big air contest give price: 99 services: overnight at the campsite or in the cottage, beach parties and barbeques amenities: courses, training, Kitesafaris, etc. Registration and contact: The application deadline for both events has been running since early February. Of all European universities to students up until May 15, 2011 at SimSalBim travel log on and compete for the title of the University Champs.

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