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IPF Fibrosis

Because not every pulmonologist is also in the Diagnosis of IPF trained.” Prof. Jurgen Behr fully enlightened the participants on the current treatment options. The possibility of a cure does not exist so far yet. Related Group has many thoughts on the issue. However, there are treatments that can alleviate the symptoms or slow the progression of the disease. A drug for the treatment of IPF is approved for the year 2011, the range includes also more drug treatment options, different methods of ventilation and the lung transplant. Compliance with check-ups every three months was important on sudden deterioration, which can often follow after an initially slow course of the disease to respond. Also patients should get involved further and optimize existing therapies in consultation with the attending physician in scientific studies to explore, so Behr. PD Dr.

Karim completed the expert presentations with tips and suggestions on topics such as smoking cessation or necessary vaccinations: you can do something for his own health even at this serious illness, for example, rehabilitation can achieve positive effects.” All three experts will continue to engage in the pulmonary fibrosis Association and as a Scientific Advisory Board with help and advice. Prof. Jurgen Behr was also elected to the second Deputy of the Chairman Dagmar Kauschka. A club such as pulmonary fibrosis e.V. is of great importance”, so Behr. We hope to committed patients who actively make with doctors and patients need to pull together, to continually advance the care and treatment of patients with pulmonary fibrosis.” The goal: A Germany Dagmar Kauschka information network has already big plans with the newly-formed Association of pulmonary fibrosis. The website will be expanded and already held in Essen on September 28 the next patient day.

My dream is it however, to stretch a net over Germany, by numerous regional groups nationwide to a better information and care for pulmonary fibrosis patients guarantee.” This is a major commitment of the members of dire straits. Some participants of the patient day and co-founder of the new Association have indicated their willingness to establish regional groups according to the motto together instead of lonely”, under which the last patient day was. The pulmonary fibrosis (honeycomb lung”) is a rare disease of pulmonary fibrosis. The term includes a variety of different diseases. At all, it comes to an increased connective tissue formation in the lungs. Thus the lung loses its elasticity and decreases gas exchange, which leads to a restricted lung function. The pulmonary fibrosis on a specific trigger (E.g., pollutants in the air we breathe or chronic infections) can be attributed only in about half of those affected. The cause is not known, however, for every second patient. 1 is called an idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). To the frequency of the disease, there are no exact numbers. In Germany, it is estimated that about 100,000 suffer People in various forms of lung fibrosis and rising. 2. the life expectancy of those affected average is two to three years after diagnosis. To find more information about the pulmonary fibrosis, on the Internet at. The pulmonary fibrosis Association welcomes support through donations and sponsorship.

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