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Japanese Window

May be supplemented lambrequins and other accessories. Application Suitable for the windows of any dwelling and all styles of interior: living room, bedroom, nursery or kitchen. The width of the classic curtains depends on what you want fluffy folds achieved by building on the cloth curtains. Roll (blinds), curtains open, pulling the cord, and the blade is not moved apart, and twisted into a roll at the top of the window opening. Management is carried out manually or using automation. Such curtains, depending on the type of cloth, can not only beautify the room, but also used for its partial or total blackout. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Betty Reynolds and gain more knowledge..

There are several options for blinds. 1. Standard. Connect with other leaders such as Fred Allen here. The most common type. The curtain is fixed to the wall at the window opening, and the variant assembly and the ceiling – it does not plumb the bottom is fixed. 2. Cassette.

Curtains are fixed directly on the window frame – in this case the blade is equipped with side rails and protective boxes. These curtains are usually made of thick fabric, and their main function – to obscure the premises (for example, while watching movie). 3. Mini-system. The easiest and most inexpensive type. Curtain attaches to the window frame, it has the side ropes, cord and opened manually recorded tapes. Application of Essential where conventional curtains are impractical, such as kitchen, near a gas stove. Curtains with a light-proof cloth is ideal for bedrooms and children (in conjunction with conventional curtains). Blinds at no additional curtains look good in the interiors of minimalism, hi-tech and rooms in Japanese style.

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