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Jericho Dating

It is possible to have fractured nose and even coins on the eyes. They have analyzed the stains of blood through a DNA test and found that they belong to a male type AB. There are microscopic debris including specks of dirt, dust and spores. The spores come from numerous plants that only grow in the vicinity of Jerusalem and Jericho. In 1988 dating tests were performed by radiocarbon dating (C14) in the laboratory of Oxford, Zurich and Tucson, we used the technique of accelerated mass spectrometry; This allows dating by radiocarbon samples smaller than normal. A piece of fabric from 1.53 inches, was partitioned among three laboratories.

Studies resulted, the shroud material belonging to the years 1260 – 1390. For some scientists, those results were inconclusive. Some argue that the sample for the test, was taken from one part of the shroud that had been touched and contaminated by human hands to be exposed for the first time. And it is added the fire of which outside protagonist Singeing fabric, in the year 1532; introducing this new way contaminant. Other opinions claim that bacteria and fungi are developed in the ancient flax fibers, and that the dating process used with the shroud does not eliminate them. If I were from the 13th or 14th century according to the test of dating, the artistic style of the image; in the case of not being a scam, should be medieval and not what is. the image of the shroud of Turin, is a scam, an accident or a miracle?. The image could have been product of ritual practiced in the dead, which consisted of rub bodies with natural products to purify them.

There are those who say that the image is a superficial burn which has been made in the fabric to cover a hot statue with her. Other opinions claim that it is a kind of vaporization, in which a human body in decomposition gases leave a mark. Some have tried to demonstrate that it is a natural imprint of a body (effect Volkringer or dehydration of flax fibres). Others argue a supernatural irruption of electromagnetic radiation at the time of the resurrection of Jesus. Some of the most convincing theories say that the image is the result of subtle and complex natural processes. An experiment with a human body, in a tomb in Jerusalem; they indicate that heat (fever postmortem) and human perspiration, follows an acid that combined with the alkaline environment and high humidity of the Tomb carved in limestone, produces a subtle image on linen. Anyone who was the actual process, the shroud of Turin is still a genuine scientific anomaly. In the section health you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, painting, languages and more.

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