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Kirov Construction

If the Kirov is mass construction, for example, social housing with a mortgage, then there may be some reduction and retention rates. And in the construction of one or two houses to pull a low cost extremely difficult. " Now let us turn to the builders … The head of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture Kirov Oblast Vladimir Grebenkin, "if you stick to statistics, the new housing in 2003 was 161 thousand square meters. meters in 2004 – 230 2005 – 257 2006 – 308, and 10 months of this year, 177.5 thousand square meters was built.

meters of housing. In general, it is planned construct 345 thousand square meters. meters. " Let's see if … in 2008 of plans to build 415 square meters.

meters, and by 2010 it would be necessary to double all new housing. Thus, with plans for housing seems to be all right. Director Peter Farrelly spoke with conviction. But, unfortunately, so far only the plans … "In our situation, it is clear that there is no crisis of overproduction in the construction is not expected – the director of LLC" Vyatka agency property, "Gennadi Romanenko. – Now the general trend is to the fact that the majority of the population gets richer, buying power is growing. A housing shortage raised the market price is slightly higher. Today there is no reason to talk about that tomorrow in our city will introduce tens of thousands square meters that will solve this problem. It will be decided in the next year or two, and there is a guarantee that at this time, the price decrease will not.

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