Vacation in France

Land Factors

The material and human damages caused by natural phenomena if intensify. The causes beside the point are known: geometric increase of the population, disordered occupation, intense process of urbanization and industrialization, indifference of public authorities. In the urban areas, among the main factors that potencializam these disasters, they are distinguished it ground waterproofing, the adensamento of constructions, the conservation of heat in the constructive islands and the pollution of air. Already in the agricultural areas, it can be cited the compacting of ground, the assoreamento of the rivers, the deforestations and the forest fires. Of this form, the absence of planning in the form of occupation of the ground and in the management of the hidrogrficas basins only tends to intensify the natural disasters. 1 for prevention R$ 25 R$ 30 for workmanships of reconstruction after tragedy invests in world-wide scale R$, a complete nonsense.

The climatic system is controlled for the exchange of energy between the Land and the Sun and the exterior space, and is composed for three great factors: tectnicos, astronomical and atmospheric. The Inter-relationship between these three elements is complex, and mechanisms basic still unknown or they are little searched and registered for scientific literature. It enters the natural known referring causes the atmospheric factors, the human being can intervene only with the retention of heat for the atmosphere, since it cannot influence tectnicas astronomical causes nor. Therefore, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, tsunamis, cycles of extreme heat and cold due to position of the Land in relation to the Sun run away to the human control. But, certainly wild emissions of gases of the effect greenhouse among others factors have provoked an abnormal heating of world-wide the average temperatures. Effectively the atmosphere is heating: in last the one hundred years it had average addition of 1. C. the atmosphere hottest is passvel of turbulences and agitations provoked for hotter chains of energy.

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