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Logical Learning

Learning to be, means action to transform society through the intelligent and responsible action. Learning to live together, is learning to live responsibly, respecting and cooperating with other human beings and in general with all living organisms on the planet, overcoming prejudice, dogmatism, discrimination, authoritarianism and stereotypes, and everything that leads to confrontation and war. Learning to be, is to learn to belong to all, the discovery of our universal dimension with genuine human values that are not personal, the discovery of his own being and inner wisdom that is achieved through self-knowledge of one’s self. In this way the road is given learning in education holistic which allows the obtaining of knowledge, there are different ways to acquire knowledge through five epistemological relationship that occurs when the three eyes come in contact with the three areas of reality. Dimensions of the totality of education.

Cognitive dimension: is the logical mathematical and verbal reasoning. Social dimension: is related to the cultural learning and language. Emotional dimension: learning are always accompanied with emotion body Dimension: learning is also generated in the physical body. Aesthetics: Art stimulates learning by being inside the if expression. Spiritual dimension: spirituality in learning is an educational reality, which establishes a loving relationship with students, is the transcendent dimension designing intelligence and wisdom. Currently, the type of relationship that exists between students and teachers in a cold treatment that is the mechanistic education, but the pedagogy of education seeks holistic that there is a deal from subject to subject, because our students are complex people which is influenced by several factors to the teaching-learning process is, ancient paradigm forms professionals with an absolute command of the matter of his specialty, but cold people, without spirituality and few sensitive to others and your environment. More information is housed here: Adam Sandler. The first relationship is the objeto-objeto, it is the relationship established Yes went own the fisiosfera objects and biosphere, etc, are unconscious processes without sense or conscious intentionality, is a world dominated by processes materials, biological and instinctive.

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