Vacation in France

Lohme Rugen

The village that stood in front of doomed beech ferns and mosses dominate the vegetation on the cliffs of the island of Rugen. Located in the middle of this Idyll, West of the famous Kaiserstuhl, the fishing village of Lohme is located. When there in 2005 away broke a piece of the cliff, the village would be to hair’s breadth were torn with in depth. The online travel agency reported how the village of Rugen escaped the disaster and why tourists there again can take a vacation alone. A long, steep staircase connects the fishing village above the scarp to the small port.

Guests on half-way in the Cafe can recover from the strenuous ascent and descent is cute. After however in 2005 the Rugen cliffs on 130 meters wide suddenly broke off and slid into the depths, the stairs for safety reasons has been blocked. Parts of the village were cleared and the Cafe cute remained for the time being inaccessible for visitors. A holiday in the dreamy village again to allow many tourists, were Plastic tubes driven 30 metres deep into the hillside, to derive millions gallons of water from the soggy rock. Experts then insured that Lohme is now safe. The way to the port and to the 160-ton Boulder Neuschwanstein”was released again.

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