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Los Roques

A coral archipelago in the Caribbean with 42 Islands and over 300 sand banks, at the same time the largest marine park in the Caribbean is Posadas, sailboats, catamarans and white beaches of Los Roques. Since 1589 Los Roques belongs to Venezuela, in one of the largest coral barrier reefs, many sea animals like duck, ball – and trumpet fish, molluscs and corals, lobsters, sponges, sea urchins are at home, you can also birds such as pelicans, watch herons and frigate birds. For centuries served the archipelago for robbers who temporarily camped their treasures. Only small propeller machine can land on the 1000 m long runway, therefore a Los Roques should be visited flight at an early stage. The flight time from Caracas is just over half an hour on the main island of Gran Roques. There they only landing strip in Gran Roques and almost all Posadas located in Gran Roques. The individual Posadas offer a special service and according to price class, everything is offered up to an exquisite menu of sea.

The Posadas are small Bed and breakfast and are scattered all over the main island Gran Roques. Almost all Posadas Italian owners who notice you in the Mediterranean facilities and has the advantage that all services can be paid on-site in euros. In the individual Posadas, boat trips to the nearby islands can be offered. Almost all Posadas own a private boat for boat trips to the coral archipelago of Los Roques, the daily boat tours are also sun loungers as well as parasols included. For those who are looking for more adventure, it is possible on the main island to camp Gran Roques, for I must be obtained before a permit in the INPARCS Office. Another interesting way to get to know the archipelago even better is aboard a sailing boat or catamaran. The individual boats offer daily fresh galley and comfortable cabins on board.

Each boat has plenty of entertainment on board, such as for example DVD, notebook, board games, water sports, there are kayaks and inflatable boats. The navigation is done in the quiet Sea of the coral archipelago at night, thus the entire day free of charge is available. Are ideal for kite surfers who want to get to know individual spots in the coral archipelago and moving independently sailing boats and catamarans to kitesurfing. The wavelength on Los Roques is ideal, particularly on the island of Francisqui. There is a Surf camp, which gives boards on Francisqui, also surf equipment can be stored. For divers, there are several dive centres that offer diving equipment also experienced GUIDs in the coral archipelago of Los Roques. The good location of the Islands it is not necessary as in other destinations on a boat to spend the night. In addition to divers come also fly fishing at their expense, with the possibility in the knee-deep waters of Tarpone, Bonefische and Barracuda fishing. A special guide for fishing is to secure the best possible catch. In contrast to many other Caribbean Islands, Los Roques is an insider’s tip for the whole family. In Los Roques, there are only individual tourism in small, family accommodation, it There are no big hotels, shopping Temple and amusement oases. For this reason you should be previously aware, that the coral archipelago is perfect to let his mind wander and Baden. Anybody looking for a turbulent night life, shopping malls, is wrong on the square.

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