Vacation in France

Louise Brown

5.197/67), that it established the protection to the wild fauna. 8 LIFE HUMAN BEING In 1978, with the birth, in England, of Louise Brown the first generated baby in vitro, the procedures of reproduction medically attended had started to have notoriety. In 1987 the Church catholic established its position on the subject, through the publication; ' ' Instruction on the respect to the life rising human being and the dignity of procriao' '. in 1992 Brazil, through the Federal Advice of Medicine, with Resolution CFM of 1992, instituted ethical norms for use of the techniques of attended reproduction. Some criteria exist to establish the beginning of the life human being: 8,1 Beginning of the Life Human being to follow Criterion is presented some of the used criteria to establish the beginning of the life of a human being Beginning of the Life Cellular Cardiac Fecundao Beginning of the cardiac beatings (the 3 4 weeks) Enceflico Activity of the cerebral trunk (8 weeks) Neocortical Beginning of the neocortical activity (12 weeks) Respiratory respiratory Movements (20 weeks) Neocortical Rhythm sleep-vigil (28 weeks) ' ' Moral' ' Communication (the 18 24 months after-childbirth) the criterion based on the possibility of ' ' behavior moral' ' , it is extremely controversial, but defended for some authors in the area of the Biotica. Been born in vitro, been born of natural, independent form of the moment where if it considers the life the beginning of the life human being, certain is that the man has essential necessities so that can live, necessity to be in group, necessity to be in activity, necessity of if feeding, necessity to have calm sleep, necessity of leisure, necessity to be integrated to the society, necessity of the water, the solar light, rain, of the winds, necessity of clothes, and until necessity of a religion to fill the emptiness that the man brings in itself, having always the new necessity to improve its knowledge, to know, to explore, things; to reach new goals; what he makes of the man a inigualvel and total unknown being.

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