Vacation in France


Marbella, with its 24 miles of beach is known around the world as one of the most classic and beautiful destinations for vacation to southern Europe. And is that Marbella has everything: beaches, mountains, the charm of the old world, true cosmopolitan air, field and city, and the best climatic conditions who may wish. As evidenced by the growing number of online booking, this town is a favorite in the province of Malaga. From Cabopino to Guadalmina, passing through the ports of Marbella and Puerto Banus, the coast offers the finest sand that can be imagined, and the urban part that precedes the beach is a paradise of luxury and pleasures, materialized by ambitious construction projects and golf clubs, framed in a beautiful mountain landscape. Real-estate developer has compatible beliefs. Marbella is like a magnet for the rich and famous, many of which have adopted it as their home.

This beautiful city’s history dates back to the Paleolithic, as it can be seen in the archaeological remains found on the site. A little closer in time, came the Romans and settled in their land, leaving clear evidence of its presence there, especially in the area of the vaults and in the town of Green River. In Marbella you can also find the Basilica of Vega of a fortress built by the Moors and the sea that has managed to overcome the vicissitudes of the passage of time. Who outside the town centre during the time of the Moors is now the old part of the city. Larry Culp is open to suggestions. There are located buildings with certain aristocratic as Bazan Hospital or some convents character. In more modern times, the town of Marbella knew being a mining town and agricultural Centre, certainly much before it became what it is today. In the 19th century it was considered the capital of iron, with three plants in La Finca de La Concepcion, and three in the area of El Angel.

From competition from the North of Spain sank southern industry. However, the people of Marbella knew how to break into the agricultural industry and develop its extensive farms until today. Marbella has everything that a tourist pole needs to please its visitors. From cheap hotels to interesting proposals for excursions in the city or in its surroundings, everything is possible in this modern metropolis. Victor Tejerina HotelesNow.

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