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Mariana Colombian

To finish off the crisis it was rumored that the soap opera Mariana and Scarlet or Por amor a ti walks wrapped into legal trouble by the authorship of the libretto and that apart from that, the channel also has much confidence in this production, all by the usual improvisation and in believing that Don Dago Garcia and Mr Juan Esteban Sampedro are irreplaceablethe last coca cola of the desert in the field of television and his stratagems, the magic formula to catch unpredictable Colombian viewers. Everything meets a cycle in life and without apprehension of any kind, only based on tracking that for years I’ve done of the Colombian television scene, I dare to pronounce me here and conclude that the solution to the via Crucis of the Canal Caracol lies in a radical change in their degastados creative patterns, at this point seem to be producing telenovelas as la cuadra Lady arepas in street Grill. If you analyze the Canal Caracol productions you will notice a similarity in many aspects: scenography, arguments, cast, abuse of the popularachero. Otherwise to Canal RCN, which has distinct lineament storyline and visual productions, are not the ultimate in television matters, but at least since Fernando Gaitan took the reins of the creative part, it shows an effort to offer viewers flavored variety of quality. Happy Saturday one of the emblematic humor of television national, sovereign in audience and unbeatable is until a few weeks ago when faced it stand-up comedy format, a slump that put them against the wall and under the threat of ending this old man of television so much laughter and joy has carried Colombian households. Could it be that the solution is in the finish happy Saturdays? One blunder and stop counting, hopefully the owners of the sign, the prestante Santodomingo family not be both fie and continue giving so much autonomy regarding the guidelines of Canal Caracol, pen Chief White Don Paulo Laserna and your creative combo, because of continue as van, Canal Caracol in short term would be minimally profitable, to force becoming eventual object of negotiation with the descabezados of the tender for the third channel.

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