Vacation in France

Marmalade Boy

Hi ..!!! I here again:) this week has been very long so sorry for not having uploaded to Youtube AMVs, until the day of yesterday: jjee good part of why I wanted to recommend some mangas if they have not read and today I went to buy 50 in VID WORLD ..! ALL SLEEVES and buy 4 sleeves that have told me they are very good ..! I read Volume 1 of two of them ..! Azuki 1 CHAN: This manga is a normal girl almost a copy of except that in this manga are not talking about magical powers, or monsters, or Japanese mythology etc. ..just a typical girl (: PERFECT to be the first manga to read) and also if you hate fiction sleeves such as this is the most normal I’ve read, as I told you will hear no joke but really this father and interesting. Marmalade Boy 2nd: this manga (haha) is also a girl from the age of 15 years, experiencing a t “type” of divorce and their parents change partners. the girl called miki haha if like mickey moussee falls for his brother ….and then left him there lol, honestly this has been one of my favorite manga and anime:) Volume 1 is very complete.


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