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Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

The new Mercedes SLS AMG roadster also guarantees without the double doors of the Coupe is beautiful only flies a sensational appearance at any place. The vehicle Portal introduces the sporty two-seater. The automaker Mercedes is always of class and elegance. Movie star oftentimes addresses this issue. At the same time, the sports models are characterized by dynamics. The SLS AMG Roadster meets these requirements easily. To know more about this subject visit jason iley. The two-seater reminiscent of the chic of the Mercedes 300 SL from the 1950s.

The seemingly endless bonnet and sides are decorated with Finns. As a roadster, do not lose the model at ease and is only about 40 pounds heavier than the Coupe. The canopy in three layers of fabric connects button in record time, and opens again in just 11 seconds. Furthermore, the SLS AMG Roadster features a heated rear window and lies with 173 litres of storage space just behind the Coupe. The driver should feel more like a pilot, because the Interior is reminiscent of the design of a cockpit. The instrument panel has the form a wing profile on and the ventilation nozzles are reminiscent of the engines of a Jet. High-quality materials are used in the facilities. Of course, the elegance but has its price. More information: magazine /…

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