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Warm climate, whales and fewer tourists Leipzig, 10.12.2009 – tour between November and March book a Mexico, who wants to escape mostly winter in Germany. Warm destinations such as Mexico and other South American countries appear very promising, if it is cold outside, raining or even snowing. Actually involves tours at the local winter months especially from February to March the best travel time for Mexico. Already the arrival in Mexico City is more relaxed, because the largest quantities of tourist travel only during the summer. At the sights in and around Mexico City the crush is not quite so great designed the holiday usually much quieter and individual. Also on the Yucatan peninsula holidaymakers must not suffer during their tour uncomfortably hot temperatures, if they opt for a trip during the winter months. While between July and September temperatures of at least 30 to 35 C must be expected, the yukatekische spring is with approximately 25 C, much milder.

This pleasant climate is recommended especially for older travelers who want to know Mexico. Who does not run the risk of would, during the hurricane season”starting in July in Mexico to stop, for the months are offered also to may. The opposite end of Mexico, on the peninsula Baja Calfornia, waiting in the German winter months a very special event on the tourists. Here the large sea mammals cavort gray whales and humpback whales between January and March. During a tour of the Baja California vacationers should necessarily participate in an election observation in the channel confines of Lopez of Mateos. Also worth a second trip in the lagoon of San Ignacio, where the whale lovers can see quite up to 50 whales and their young. In the remaining months of the year is worth a trip over the Baja California also, but then no whales can be seen.

The winter and spring months are ideal for a vacation in Mexico that the only exception Easter holidays. Here must be expected in all parts of the country, but especially in the Mayan Riviera and similar to tourist locations, with higher prices, fully booked-up hotels and large crowds around the sights. Tour otherwise for a Mexico clearly the motto: escape the cold winter months and indulge from the Mexican Sun and the special natural spectacles of Mexican spring. You don’t have time to start your holiday journey in winter? Your team from MEXICO MIO advises like in detail to the best travel time for Mexico and put together for you a customized tour program for Mexico.

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