Vacation in France

Middle East

At the same time he proposes to do this by supporting the Kazakh intelligentsia. Apparently, the authorities decided to somehow smooth out the process and to put it into a political channel, ie, to create a new puppet and a purely nationalist Party, impoverish themselves in the Republican movement "official language", "Ult tagdyry", "Bolashak". Incidentally, the study abroad "fair tests" for some reason, choose only the Kazakhs. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tony Parker. At least, in a country where Kazakhs make up 55%, not can not be that of "Bolashak" among troops won grants to study, Kazakhs made up 91%! And such a policy ostensibly to complete the process of national modernization and to replace multiculturalism Kazakhstan creation of a "great Kazakh nation." According to the ideologues of the concept of "cultural diversity in a society can lead to destabilization as it was in 2005 in France, near Paris when the crowd Angry natives of Africa and the Middle East, setting fire to buses and cars. " Utter nonsense to some, but not the comparison. Imagine that the Uighurs, Uzbeks, Tatars and other peoples for centuries inhabited with Kazakhs the territory of modern Kazakhstan, all of a sudden turn in immigrants from distant countries, and Russian, Ukrainians, Germans in a very foreign body. And all of them together will, in the opinion of the ideologues of nationalism novokazahskogo, pose a threat to "national security of the Kazakh nation great." Their arguments claim that the "nation-dominant, it would be correct to say ethnicity should control everything, and the other outcasts will have voluntarily assimilate it. " It is argued that all the conditions were ripe for this. Is not it smacks of a provocation?! And especially when you consider the fact that the country's more than 70% of Kazakhs themselves do not speak the state language, and in urban Russian-speaking Kazakhs more than Kazakhs who use their own language, the so-called "national modernization 'may split itself Kazakh society into two opposing parts.

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