Vacation in France

Miguel Yegros

Clearly, seen thus, it would seem that problem does not exist some; nevertheless, which the MEC does not tell is that already fixed everything, but among them; already that the new books in Paraguayan Guarani or jehe were imprimieron; and on the other hand, by means of the pressure of supervisors and directors, and the accomplishment of zonal congresses; the educational ones already began to be convinced, clarifying them that who will not be in agreement with the new design of bilingual education (2004), they would risk something more than his opinions. This way the MEC get ready to initiate this tenebrous excursion titled towards the death of the Guarani Language. Probably, defenders of the Guarani of the stature of Decoud Larrosa, Moliniers, Miguel Yegros, the Pa i Ayala, Rudi Torga and others will be revolviendo themselves in their tombs before this attack that is approached and that tries to ruin long years of work sacrificed in favor of the total vindication of ours avae .

Development 2.1. What lies in the deep structure of this situation When in 1994 the MEC initiated the Educative Reformation in this way and the application of bilingual education; the Paraguayan State already counted with a good amount of Professors of Guarani (Guarani mbo ehra), formed in their great majority by two institutions of private character (the Idelguap and the ATHENIAN), and thus were until the year 2000; in which the MEC, forced by the reclamations of diverse sectors, incorporates with optative character the specialty Guarani Professor of Language and Literature – Castilian in the fourth course of the race of Educational Formation. Therefore, until the year 2000 almost 95% of the educational ones of Guarani were formed by the private institutions before mentioned, without the formation of the same at least has represented financial erogacin the State.

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