Vacation in France

Miu Miu

Short on colored lace-up sneakers and a wide rubber soles can be found in the new collection of stamps Aldo, Benetton, Marc Jacobs. Designers are advised to wear sneakers for sports skirt-tulip, with fashionable leggings this season and over tight jeans-dudochek as supermodel Kate Moss or Sienna Miller fashionista. To deepen your understanding San Antonio Spurs is the source. Ballerina and a boat on a flat podoshveSamy trendy fashion shoes spring comes – bendable boat with a rounded nose, and an elastic band. They are weightless and can easily fit into the tiny purse. And they are versatile – look great with both dresses (especially the patent leather and shiny options: gold Miu Miu, lacquered Gap, Copper Chloe and Marc Jacobs and silver Aldo), and with jeans and leggings, with a fluffy skirt (denim Gap, embroidered in oriental style Aldo, with prints depicting skeletons from Alexander McQueen, a gram of lush silk bow Maloles). Original Marc Jacobs gave vent to imagination in the new collection already introduced several models of transparent plastic – in these shoes, slippers, safe to go to the gala dinner in the coastal cafe, and then trample a pebble in a warm night water.

A designer Chloe offer girls an unusual shoes in the best traditions of the Middle Ages – sharp-nosed flat shoes from mint skin with a high "collar" on a few thin strap-isthmus in the area of recovery. Flip-flops and or slippers finally turned from a beach town full of shoes. No one will look askance if you see on the black plastic or braided flip-flops, worn under a lightweight narrow skirt and white shirt. Office version of the new generation over the past few seasons hottest quite won their right to exist. This year, the designers took into account the wishes of their clients, and filled with a collection of flip-flops backdrop – flat sandals on a narrow leather strap, convenient enshrines the heel so that it did not go to shake at a fast step.

Such minimalist model, there are at Benetton, Zara, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Prada, Alaia and many other leading brands. Soft Turkish and Moroccan shoes backless, popularly known as Babush emerged in new collections, Manolo Blahnik (leather), Accessorize and Monsoon (embroidered with sequins and netting) and Berluti (men's leather). moccasins and loaferyIznachalno typical men's shoes – soft leather moccasins and loafery, which are usually worn on bare feet, quietly have become an integral part of the ladies' cloakroom. Every second woman hid in a cupboard surely be another favorite pair of soft "Mokas, saving in on long country walks on weekends and offering a curative effect after a week "working heels." Moccasins of the spring-summer 2007 season mostly beige with orange-brown accents on metal buckle, as in Tod's, or Chloe, on a small rise with a rubber sole, like Prada, or simple black of wrinkled skin of corrugated, like Ann Demeulemeester and Gucci.

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