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Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shopper survey the Hamburger market research Institute Dr. Garcia & Cie. Under most conditions Starbucks would agree. sets with the mystery shopper monitor 2010 the first survey of about 700 before the mystery shoppers. Settings and needs around the activity than shoppers were investigated. It gained knowledge in the areas of training, activity, compensation and cooperation between test customers and providers. It is important to make a contribution to improving the service desert for nearly three-fourths of the mystery shopper diverse and varying results as well as the financial motivation. The favorite of test customers are particularly in the catering and hospitality industry.

Test work are less popular with banks and insurance companies. Mystery shoppers get an average 19 euros per hour usage time. However, each receives a fifth less than 10 euro. In this respect are large differences in the remuneration. Preparation type and intensity vary considerably in part: over 40 per cent are prepared only in writing, without the contracting institutions and Agencies to verify whether the mystery shopper have understood what they should write a review. In this respect, it is not guaranteed that all mystery shopping studies the necessary criteria carefully complied with reliability (reliability) and validity (validity).

This is worrisome, because must entail measures in the companies examined the results and thus contracting authorities rely on the accuracy”, explains Gunnar Grieger, owner of Dr. Garcia & Cie. market research from Hamburg. Background of the mystery shopper monitor summarizes methods of market research mystery shopping involving concealed working test customers raise the quality of service in a company. In Germany more than 100 institutes mystery offer shopping services, which it is estimated that annually put EUR 75 million. More and more people in the context of an ancillary activity as a mystery shopper are active in the growing market. Therefore, over 700 people have been to your work as a mystery Shoppers interviewed. The mystery shopper monitor 2010 “needs and attitudes of mystery shoppers reveals for the first time and looked at aspects such as remuneration, training and collaboration with clients. The study succeeded, making the market more transparent”, Garcia continues. Further information about mystery shopping and the full study of mystery shopper monitor 2010 “there are under. About Dr. Garcia & Cie. market research Dr. Garcia & Cie. offers qualitative and quantitative market research as owner-managed market research firm and serves companies from industries such as automotive, construction / real estate, consulting / services, chemistry / pharmaceutical, electronics / informatics, energy, financial services / banks / insurance, healthcare, trade, consumer goods, media / communications, manufacturing and transport / traffic. More: as a leading quality mystery shopping provider offers Dr. Garcia & Cie. see service testing services on. It used its own nationwide network with trained mystery shoppers out of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Dr. Gunnar Grieger

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