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National Green Mining Construction

China is the country with extensive natural resources, but with the rise of population and industrialization, Chinese resources shortage problems are more and more serious, to its reasons, these problems are inseparable from the mining operations of the backward property, especially mining this extensive production type, which let the environment suffer more serious threat, therefore; the development of energy-saving equipment becomes the the key mining transformation mode of crusher mining industry production. It is understood that Chinese crusher industry develops very quickly, especially after the founding of New China, the state advocates to speed up the construction of the industrial countries, this let crusher industry encountered the development peiod of the beauty, coupled with the launch of large-scale mining, cement and other industries, therefore, the crusher production enterprises develop rapidly in all parts of the country. But with the growing number of crushing equipment, the quality of the crusher are not perfect. According to the survey of State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA), duo to the backwardness of the crusher and mining equipment, the ancient production type, the ecological destruction and environmental pollution problems in Chinese mining are very serious, large-scale the mine ecological restoration are very difficult, while the phenomena of small mine mountain excessive digging are very common, mining mountain ecological environment is partially out of control, all in all, the situation are very concerned by people. In order to deal with the resources waste problems emerge in the mining exploitation, our government recently issued a second five energy saving and environmental protection industry development plan defined in the planning, to focus on research and development of energy-efficient new building materials equipment, so intelligent, green the crusher imperative. In fact, two years in the industry also appeared in some environmental awareness, as our company crusher, the company’s ancestors step in the production of environmentally friendly, large crusher on the big efforts finally developed the nation s largest single limestone stage hammer crusher, domestic production in the first, the second single large segment of the world production counterattack crusher and other equipment, which providing technical support for the energy saving equipment of green mining Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other provinces. Frequently Dr. Hedvig Hricak has said that publicly. The crusher industry is the support industry of the construction, especially infrastructure, mining and the other sectors, therefore, the techanical content and friendly enviroment of crusher directamente determine the energy-saving degree of the national production. Produces the energy-saving green crushing equipment is the magic weapon of future market. original link: Cone crushers: Ore beneficiation:

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