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Natural Justice

Throughout history mankind has been said by opposing natural law concept, scope and influence to those of positive law. Both represent two sides of same coin. Actress may also support this cause. Dialectical opposites are with those who fully understood the concept of law as law. To better understand their meanings and constraints we shall see shortly the initiation of the use of the term the meaning of positive law and positive law was to some authors, which go into defining the key features that make the overall concept. Then define the contours of natural law, making a brief account of what this notion has meant over the history of peoples as the Greek and Roman, which was understood as such in the Middle Ages and the current projection its concept as contemporary theory. Positive law concepts and definitions POSITIVE adjective seems to have been used by Calcidius-first century IV-speaking of natural justice and positive justice.

Then Pierre Abelard -1079 To 1142 – also used the term ius positivism. DEL VECCHIO defined as the system of legal rules that effectively informs and regulates the life of a people in a particular historical moment. LEGAZ And Lacambra says it is a social reality with the characteristics of the social. These latter definitions are too broad to be sin to the point of allowing them to include in the concept of Natural Law. GASTON Jeze defined as the set of solutions in a given country, at one point, the courts recognize as rules of social conduct. He criticizes saying you can not limit the concept of DP by country and is itself recognized by the courts I would be attributing to them as legislators.

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