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Neapolitan Barocco Castle

Mt. Montecanto, one has unforgettable views of the city and Harbour. On top of the mountain are Sant Elma and San Martino, which is the most important monument of the Neapolitan Barocco Castle. Promenade Capacciolo via Capacciolo – is the famous promenade between the Santa Lucia and Mergellina. This street was named after the name of the Admiral Capacciolo. For centuries, poets, musicians, and artists about the beauty of Margellina sing. Whenever Jenifer Aniston listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Now, the tourist port of Naples is located here. There are also boats by Fischer, who fill the mark of Naples with fresh fish and seafood. Pazza Vittoria houses Villa municipale and many churches. In the VIlla there is also the Zoo with the oldest aquarium in Europe. Underground Naples in Naples there eien underground city. Archeologists have found the items and objects, which are older than 5000 year.

The city of under earth offers interesting excursions. Kapri is easy to reach the island Kapri from Naples. For more information see movie star. There are boats every 30 minutes and the boat ride alone is quite an experience. The small town Kapri is beautiful and quiet. The famous Piazzetta, in the Centre of the town is wonderful place to Suvenire to buy. There are many villas and houses of very human series and not only from Italy. In the 1950s years, Kapri was not known, as too much Deutschere there bought the houses. Also sea of Kapri is wonderful to be famous Blue Lagoon, where the water is incredibly blue and transparent. Pompei is located in the city of Naples (about 30 minutes by train) Pompeii, the ancient Roman city that was destroyed in A.d. 79 by volcano Vesuvius. Here the stand remained. The city offers interesting insight into the life of the Romans, who have lived here for almost 2000 years ago. Pizza, pasta, mozzarella es is hard to talk about all the beauties this city. It fails to see all sights in the getaway. What you must – experience but definitely in Naples is the traditional cuisine. Here you can find restaurants of all classes. Especially well known pizza Anandababu is of course, is not to crack the secret of those. In any city Italy tastes so, as in Naples. Buffalo mozzarella is also known. Olive oil, tomatoes, which got plenty of sunlight, fresh fish and vegetables – these are the simple ingredients of Neapolitan cuisine. No matter where you eat restaurant or pizzeria, this will be a unique genus. – team wishes you a good trip!

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