Vacation in France

New Land

Still in this fifth chapter, the references are turned toward souvenirs of the imaginary one of the author, myths and legends that had marked its infancy, using themselves of small descriptive texts and narrative writings still in the adolescence to homage, in some way, the city of Parnamirim and the facts that had occurred with the author of this book during the time lived in the region, since its New Land coming until its transference for another state, emphasizing the importance to have lived deeply facts and shared memories, of the famlia, the school, of the community, relating the events of the History of Brazil and the hinterland of Pernambuco, this presented through chats and verses of the lieratura of twine. The chapter fifth presents given excellent on the African contribution in the formation of the population of the region, with explanation on some words of the daily vocabulary afrodescendente, considering that all the small farms, farms and villages that if had opened in the hinterland in the colonial period, had the marcante presence of enslaved, responsible blacks for the daily one of the formation of farmings and the creation of cattle, for the work in the cut of the sugar cane, the plantation of cotton, the improvement of the rice, the process of water captation, in the preparation of the rapadura and its derivatives and the participation of the black in the daily one of the free fairs, loading packs and seting tents, beyond the sociolingustica contribution in vocabulary of the people of the region is in music, the arts, the religion and the daily communication with its gentlemen. Bringing a synthesis of the Aboriginal Toponymy of present Brazil in the registers and names of cities and rivers of the Hinterland, the sixth chapter intends to justify the value of the identity of the indian, since? the achamento? of the land until its current conquests in the region.

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