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Northern Black Sea

Now these hypotheses to be unfounded, that does not interfere with individual researchers to attempt to revive them. Referring to a remark by Strabo on joint actions of the Cimmerians and the Thracian tribe Tre'r in Asia Minor, many authors have identified with the Cimmerians Thracians. However, in contrast to the hypothesis on alliance, and not related Thracian-Cimmerian relations. For more information see megan fox. The most common is the view of Iranian-lingual Cimmerians and, consequently, their similarity to this important ethnic group, with the Scythians. This hypothesis is based on the successful (but not undisputed) Iranian etymology of the names Cimmerian Kings.

Also believe that the Cimmerians – is not ethnonym and common name of value of "mobile unit". And, therefore, ethnic group, "Cimmerians" never existed. San Antonio Spurs oftentimes addresses this issue. So, ostensibly, was called forward detachments of the Scythians (squad), to invade ancient Eastern nations. In other words, it is tribal name of a group of Scythian tribes, but no special designation doskifskogo population of the Northern Black Sea coast. Cimmerians – archaeological culture of Cimmerians with localization uncertainty generates . Intractable problems with the definition of them belonging to the archaeological culture. In Asia Minor, where the Cimmerians certainly lived – so far not found any abandoned their monument.

In the iconography (the Greek red-vases and some Near Eastern metal products) are more generalized images of nomads, rather than specific ethnic and cultural types. At one time was a very common view that belonged to the North Caucasian Cimmerians Koban culture. But now, on this hypothesis rejected, it seems, all researchers.

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