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Outreach Music Festival

The outreach Festival in the Karwendel silver region the outreach Festival in the Karwendel mountain range in Tyrol silver region is under the programmatic title of outreach expeditions. According to Jorge Perez, who has experience with these questions. Star trumpeter and composer Franz Hackl Peter Habeler mountaineering legend, invited to participate in outreach. But what makes a climber at a music festival? It combines common philosophies to a body of work. Live to learn Thursday the 4.8.2011 within the framework of the outreach Festival in the atrium of the Paulinum Schwaz. Peter Habeler as mountaineering objectives never before taken by a man in attack. The outreach expeditions Chamber music ensemble under the musical leadership of Gene Pritsker is created an elaborate, emphatic music landscape to the tales of Habeler.

Statements Habeler are enhanced by video projections of the Visual Artists Richard Bernsteiner on a large projection screen. Previously, Franz Hackl opened the Festival with the American pianist Michael Wolff in a duo concert. Tyrol opens up the world. One of the basic ideas of outreach was and is to promote the musician young. With the Outreach young lions series (OYL) supports young musicians talents outreach. This year two ensembles are featured at the outreach Festival. This year Quartet with Klaus Heidenreich launches the OYL series.

Second ensemble plays Bastian Stein BBs Gravity Point. Our ears look forward to freshly interpreted Jazz! “Samuel Blaser, Gerry Hemingway and Adam Holzman contact expeditions from solo to trio” on Friday, the 5.8 on the musical journey of research. The outreach Orchestra served on Saturday, the 6.8 in the jazz night WDR3 and o1 with expeditions”their interpretation of the Festival program focus. Another tidbit is served by the concert by the Canadian pianist Matt Herskowitz Festival visitors. Pianist legend Dave Brubeck wrote, Herskowitz transformed the concept of World music.” As a pianist Matt Herskowitz has been featured as at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Etnafest at many major festivals of jazz music festival in Italy, the rhino Jazz Festival in France or the Bremen International Music Festival. To hear and see at the “” “Outreach Music Festival are: Timna Brauer, Elias Meiri ensemble (A/IL), Manu Delago, Gene Pritsker Borislav Strulev Punknoise & the Wokheads (A/GB), Borislav”: cello lounge “(United States/RUS), Lorenz Hargassner Quartet (D) and that the festival days of the 5th and 6th of August be Bernhard Lackner trio (A) from o1 and WDR3 recorded and on the night of August 6 in the show jazz night” broadcast six hours live. More information from the organiser of outreach or in the Karwendel silver region tourist office.

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