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5 Star hotels in Dubrovnik – experience the authentic Mediterranean serenity tourism is still every year in Dubrovnik. The incredible coastal of city attracts the customers here. In addition to the beaches, Dubrovnik offers some historical attractions, which attracts visitors from all over the world. Majestic waterfalls of ancient cities to its original forests, this city offers the experience of an untouched holiday destination tourists. In addition, there are to discover popular resorts and five star hotels in Dubrovnik. The city itself is full of opportunities for a wide range of activities, but also those who seek only the total relaxation, will experience the beautiful, historic streets of this Croatian City as a wonderful opportunity for strolling.

The hidden treasures and interesting activities in Dubrovnik offer something to each age group. Dubrovnik has an extraordinary story and the idyllic town is especially for culturally interested vacationers. It is but a just looking for the perfect holiday destination for all the rest and relaxation. This city, which is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, welcomes each guest with its beautiful coast, which consists of more than 1,000 individual Islands, and thus offers an authentic impression of the Mediterranean serenity. With over 70 hotels and resorts, there are no problems finding accommodation in one of the luxury hotels in Dubrovnik. Visitors from all over the world have made Dubrovnik lately one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In addition to the beautiful scenery and the lovely beaches, there are also the activities in Dubrovnik, which represent one of the highlights of a visit to the city.

Some of the most popular activities include bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, boutiques, luxury of spas, impressive conference centres and PADI dive schools. In addition to older visitors and families, also newly-weds tailor-made honeymoon enjoy here every year. A romantic dinner pulls in, while the attractive surroundings and the azure waters, couples in the spell Enjoy sunset. While the more adventurous excursions along the coast to the Croatian cities break up, including wine and authentic cuisine. Cultural tours are very popular among visitors, who are interested in history. In Dubrovnik, there are many different festivals and cultural activities. It is not difficult to find the right hotel in Dubrovnik. There are a wide range of hotels for every budget, luxury hotels, cheaper hotels and 5 star hotels in Dubrovnik. This city is blessed with crystal clear waters and a rich, green nature and due to this soothing and pleasing environment, tourists come more and more throughout the year. Nightlife in Dubrovnik is also one of the hottest because it offers a special, unique atmosphere, which attracts tourists and putting it into fantastic dreams.

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