Vacation in France

Paul Newman

Forgiveness? Paris-Texas. Wim Wenders. You’ve seen it? No, but I will see.-the first ten minutes. That’s me.Then, after seeing her I, get you juice, much juice, that scene and other scattered moments for the entire film. Parts, perceptions, emotions, memories, were connected and the narrative took on its own life and we became a therapy with Harry Dean Stanton. What looked exactly like a journey lost in the desert (which in fact is the first scene) culminated in connecting intra and interpersonal.

Intense, real, useful, interesting. Connect with other leaders such as Sofar Sounds here. Fluid. 2 Months ago, a guy with a long evolution limit brought me a DVD than impulsively and without premeditation or notice (how not) had just bought as a gift. Cat on a hot tin roof. -This is my favorite movie. I see it and see it. There is something inside that fascinates me.

I cry always; I feel many things that I do not know if I understand. Me Removes a lot. I think that I am there inside, although I do not know where. Have you seen it? – No, but I’ll see.-you will see. Why you bring the DVD-because he had caught it.So since Paul Newman accompanies us to moments in therapy, his father, and the bottle of whisky, and Liz Taylor. And not see how contextualizes everything. A priori, the truth, not would have occurred to me to be a paradigmatic movie to locate a borderline disorder, but that is unimportant: the basement has some fascinating dialogues. And Yes, the parts flow, but above all are sorted (which is in this case essential). And the way you need it.

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