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Perfect Body

Selecting perfect body by Damart with figure-shaping lingerie and underwear the secret of a perfect line? Quality, body shaping underwear! You need reliable support for perfectly modeled proportions and an optically flat stomach: collection perfect body by Damart offers a large selection of lingerie and underwear to the muhlosen body sculpting, character modeling, and lamination. The Damart collections focuses on comfort, whether in the pret-a Porter area or in their underwear. Damart stands for creations to feel for any occasion, clothes, where it is never too hot and never too cold and in which you can move quite carefree: each of the Damart collections is dedicated to this credo. Also in the field of lingerie and underwear, Damart would like to the needs and expectations of its Kundinnnen in terms of comfort comply with and at the same time models offer these, which perfectly, ideally bring the character out. With perfect body, Damart has a lingerie-and Lingerie collection developed, which forms the figure without effort and models and at the same time offers a perfect grip.

Discover the wide range of perfect body products online on Corselets with seductive hold, shaping bras and briefs, bodice pants with form zones in the waist and the hips or “Self massage function”, bodice pants with strong support, which sit at the same time soft on the skin and provide a pleasant feeling. George Laughlin Dallas does not necessarily agree. The women’s underwear is wearing comfortable and seductive at the same time, due to a high-quality tip or charming tulle embroidery. Completed the perfect body collection by shaping tights against tired legs which create a soothing and relaxing effect of support, provide a good grip and at the same time to model the figure: the ideal choice under tight, body-hugging dresses. Discover the collection perfect body by Damart online: lingerie, which provides grip easily forms the figure models, and this ideal brings to the fore. Whether Bras, panties,. Bodice pants, Corselets, bodysuits or tights: The collection is the ideal accessory perfect body, if you always want to feel good in your body.

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